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Sci-fi or Sci-fact?

Since I wrote my article on the AMINO AGE more scare mongering has come to light and I’ve been asked many questions by people who are still worried they can somehow ‘catch’ something from the unfortunates who have been already jabbed. I know it was a complicated mission to try and explain what really goesContinue reading “Sci-fi or Sci-fact?”

Proteins, Spikes and Bio-weapons.

Podcast for listening is here: this talk of spike proteins and no-one knows what they are actually talking about. For years we’ve had an obsession with protein in the diet. “Where do you get your protein from?” is a question constantly asked of plant-based eaters. The question clearly shows the asker does not understandContinue reading “Proteins, Spikes and Bio-weapons.”

Contagion a Fairy Story

This was posted in a terrain theory group today and it was such a well put together post it deserves saving for posterity. Put together by Daniel Roytas ***This post contains scientific references of many studies that were undertaken to try and prove that germs cause disease. All of the studies failed*** Where is theContinue reading “Contagion a Fairy Story”


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