Sci-fi or Sci-fact?

Since I wrote my article on the AMINO AGE more scare mongering has come to light and I’ve been asked many questions by people who are still worried they can somehow ‘catch’ something from the unfortunates who have been already jabbed.

I know it was a complicated mission to try and explain what really goes on in these gene manipulation labs and maybe I did not simplify things enough. I did try. For those who did not get it I will try and outline the basic fraud I’m attempting to uncover and try to lift the veil finally on this nonsense. One of the things that keeps coming up is the ‘magneto’ effect, why it is happening and how does it affect us.

I looked into some of the scientific papers on the techniques they are using but more importantly WHY they are using these magnetic particles. The why is more important because it reveals the underlying mistake they are trying to overcome.
You see when I look at a paper, apart from having to learn new terminology to understand new research (along with new gobbledegook) certain sentences jump out and shout at me because of what we have already learned and debunked. Example:

from a paper on ‘superparamagnetic nanoparticle delivery of DNA vaccine’

Think about that first line. (Notice no mention of viruses at all) What problem are they trying to overcome? Ok I’ll tell you. They are basing all this ‘gene insertion’ research on the notion that ‘viruses‘ inject DNA into the cells forcing the cells to reproduce that DNA, remember? We know this is complete nonsense. If you need a refresher read this:
and this:

They concocted that story from seeing still electron microscope pictures of dead/poisoned/dying cells looking like a bomb site (they caused) and concluded they had exploded and that the debris was new copies of DNA from an imaginary virus. Pure fantasy. They admit their DNA (not virus) vaccines do not work but can’t fathom why. The old quote we often see is ‘scientists are baffled’. Yeh they are always baffled because they are lost in their own forest of wrong assumptions.
Secondly they admit that ‘proteins’ seem to work much better, yes we have spoken about this foreign protein problem twice now and the old anaphylaxis reaction which they take to be the ‘immune system’ working. Ask yourself this tho, why would the body react to a foreign protein but not as much to foreign DNA? I’ll tell you again, because DNA (if it exists) is inert (in that it doesn’t do anything so is harmless) whereas proteins are biological and do have functions and in the wrong place are not welcome and can be toxic. The body must deal with them which produces symptoms we can see and feel which they assume again is the ‘immune system’ working.

Scary Mental Illness Treatments In History You Haven't ...

So this paper and many others I’ve been sent (along with scare-mongering video’s by people who’ve watched too many sci-fi movies) are talking about and hinting at the old problem of getting our cells to take up DNA or RNA and replicate it. They can’t do it in other words. This is why they have pumped so much money into ‘gain of function’ research. They are trying desperately to make their virus theory a fact but can’t because it is wrong.
All the cell lines they use in their research are dividing cells like cancer cells or embryonic cells because remember I told you these are the only cells they’ve seen dividing and replicating the chromosomes. The magical never seen DNA is said to be inside the chromosomes. Chromosomes are what genetics is all about and what classical genetics looked at, in other words hereditary genetics. ‘DNA’/chromosomes are only replicated during reproduction and in real ‘active’ cancer cells. If it happened already in normal cells then why would they be trying so hard to make it happen. Maybe because it doesn’t and won’t, no matter how hard they try because the theory is just plain wrong. So in short our cells cannot be forced to replicate a synthetic, computer born protein. I believe this SPIKE PROTEIN story was a complete red herring to divert attention from the real ingredients.

Cancerous cells are a whole other subject which I have covered before here and on an old talk I did with Sallie Elkordy years ago.
The whole gene therapy field has worked with cancer cells extensively and they haven’t managed to harness that process either because they do not understand it even after years of searching. One thing they HAVE cottoned onto though is the ‘energy’ factor. This is why they have turned to these nano-magneto particles BUT again they don’t understand the energy/biology connection yet. Many alternative practitioners do understand it tho like Chinese medicine (ying yang, chi and accupuncture are all bio-energetic protocols). The problem with that is there is no money in it, nothing they can patent and sell so they have to use chemistry (alchemy). Their materialistic brains cannot fathom that healing is free for all and inbuilt in our own biology. They can never harness that while profitting from and controlling us so they are stuck in their own forest of wrong-think, scrabbling about in the dirt looking for more ways to make us sick and profitable.

There is also a lot of talk about GRAPHENE this week.

So I went and had a look at what that is and if it can do what it says on the truthers tin again. What is ‘graphene’? Again they like to baffle us with scientism but really it is just a form of carbon.

Graphite is what they put in pencils. I saw a cool little video of a man showing how you can make graphene from a pencil. He scribbled a dot on a piece of paper with a pencil, then stuck a piece of sellotape over the dot, pulled it off and said that was a thin layer of graphite, then he again stuck another piece of sellotape to the first piece and pulled them apart again and explained now he had a nano layer of graphite which he said is now ‘graphene’. So it’s just the thinnest layer possible of carbon. Tadaaaa. How scary was that? No not scary at all is it. It brings a whole new meaning to the old magic pencil story.

Does it belong inside the body tho. I would say a big fat NO. Is it a protein. Also a no but none of these shots’ ingredients belong in the body. How does the body deal with an injection of nano-graphite (carbon)? I don’t know and I’m not sure they do either but I’m pretty sure it poses no threat to anyone who isn’t getting it injected into them so I’d say the jabbed are again no threat from so called ‘shedding’.
All the talk of vaccines being developed that can vaccinate the unvaccinated is pure fantasy too. If they’ve never managed to make even one vaccine work it’s a big step to claim they can make a massive jump from inneffective to infective let alone effective.

They do seem to be trying to mess with our bio-field with all these magneto nano-products which means we are going to have to learn more about this always considered ‘fringe’ and ‘woo’ medicine and openly mocked because behind those closed doors THEY are taking it very seriously actually. If you want to find out about how our bodies are ‘energy’ and frequency’ based look at the work of Eileen Day McKusick and be blown away. Lanka says our bio-information (the DNA blueprint in other words) is NOT in the nucleus of our cells at all but in our bio-field, the ‘aura’ the ‘consciousness’. Rupert Sheldrake long ago hypothesized our memories were not stored in our brains bbut outside of our bodies in the ‘consciousness’.
The fields of ‘Energy-Medicine’ are being heavily mocked and diverted from because they are such a threat to many of their new ‘weapons’. 5G being one which may be used for targetting our bio-energy. German New Medicine or ‘New Biology’ is a threat to the cancer business and also looks at illness from an energy/frequency perspective. Also homeopathy was always about an energy field/memory held in water or pill form.

Biohackers still from netflix

A lot of people think science is exactly what they see in sci-fi films and teLIEvision PROGRAMMING. We’ve had all the CONTAGION films bombarding us with all the nonsense of antibodies and searching for that one immune person, now we have gene-manipulation programming like one I watched last night called Biohackers. Programmes like this literally program us to believe they can do all this fantastical stuff with their gene technology but it’s a lot of wishful thinking and fantasy. It is far from truth and the reality of what’s going on in these labs. It’s also a form of marketing to keep the money rolling in while never actually delivering their promises of cancer cures and everlasting life, just fantasy scenarios.

Gene ‘therapy’ will never deliver any cures for anything because just like germs were not killing us and viruses were the invisible new fantasy enemy, genes are also NOT the cause of any diseases therefore they cannot be a cure. Their manmade strings of amino-acids which they patent and want to inject into you are their own fantasy chemical concoctions of what they think genes are or at least what they want us to believe in and buy.
Speaking of patents an interesting interview was aired also this week of a Dr David Martin giving his testimony to Reiner Fuellmich and his crew which was very interesting in that it exposes what they have patented and when. One in particular was the famous ‘SPIKE PROTEIN’
In his testimony he states that this particular protein they call ‘Spike’ is a computer simulated sequence of amino acids and it was patented in 2008!!! So not ‘novel’ at all and certainly not real. Remember nothing in nature can be patented. If you think you know enough now about patents and computer modelling then watch this man wipe the floor with these so-called life-saving, cure-finding sciences. They actually are criminals and you’ve been had.

Dr. David Martin:

“…we took the reported gene sequence, which was reportedly isolated as a novel coronavirus — indicated as such by the ICTV (the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses of the World Health Organization). We took the actual genetic sequences that were reportedly “novel” and reviewed those against the patent records that were available as of the spring of 2020. And what we found, as you’ll see in this report, are over 120 patented pieces of evidence to suggest that the declaration of a novel coronavirus was actually entirely a fallacy.”
Partial transcript of the above interview here:

After I published this it seems someone else was coming to similar conclusions and I’ve been asked to include this online call between Argentine geneticist Dr. Luis Marcelo Martinez interviewed by Pedro Moreno in the program Integrantes. If nothing else it’s a prime example of ‘scientists are baffled’ again. At least this guy is asking the right questions tho.
Transcript here:

Addendum: Just found this interesting article on the science of genetics which exposes a whole lot of the lies we’ve been fed in the public arena about this ‘science’. Recommended reading –

Addendum 3: I just came across another excellent blog on DNA which goes into the processes used to ‘prove’ the existance of it (or not). Great to see more people picking their pseudo-science apart now –

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Independent researcher since 1985 into cancer, vaccines and more recently germ theory and virology. Anti-vivisectionist and animal rights campaigner. Artist and illustrator. Veganic/permaculture food producer.

16 thoughts on “Sci-fi or Sci-fact?

  1. Running parallel with you here.
    The range of ‘applications’ for graphene are almost endless.
    Note corporate sales PR doesn’t reveal GoF applications directly.

    The toxic nature of this in our bodies is evident, whether regardless or in addition to EMF influences.
    A lot of these ‘applications’ are functional technologies.
    So while yes it is carbon with the same 666 atomic structure as the basis of physical life – as we know it, Jim, It is a 2D material that can be shaped and wafered, tubed or aligned in ways that operate differently under various conditions that can be manipulated or surveiled/monitored. And by adsorbed coating in proteins, interact with living cells so as to install as a masked agenda.

    Reports are suggesting NAC (and other compounds) can mitigate its effects or clear from the body (living water).

    Mae Wan Ho regarded bacterial gene exchange as Natural (safe) adaptive gene modification.
    As virus – for many is an extension of the bacterial model, I can see why some may take their narrative in that direction.

    The desire to hack and control life is the basis of the mind of control, so it is hardly surprising that its technologism seeks to cut bodyform from living context in order to set its own rules, filters, narrative interpretations.
    The graphenation of the body looks to operate a form of cutting of Field resonance (even further) so as to bring under private manual control. The concept of private in nature is of nested domains within a greater communication, such as inside a cell, or a plasma/magnetosphere. Yet a balanced state as the condition for such domains to operate within, or it breaks down in terms of a self-organising expression of its Field characteristics. We call this death, or a process of decreasing capacity to communicate life.

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  2. To me it is starting to look that this mRNA gene tech voodoo is just a lie.

    It’s good said that “A lot of people think science is exactly what they see in sci-fi films and teLIEvision PROGRAMMING. ”

    How many virus epidemic -films and books are made. Has anyone thought why those are made ?
    Epidemic Movies and TV Shows

    Television series about viral outbreaks

    Hollywood is also strongly promoting this tale of “DNA” to us.

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    1. Thanx, I don’t class myself as a ‘truther’ I’m too gullible. I do what I can to explain the ‘science’ and non-science in as easy a way as possible to dispell the fear. Don’t have a go at me for using whatever info I can get my hands on to prove my points. I trust only a very few people and go on their words and actions. I leave the dirt digging up to people like you and appreciate the info thankyou. Just don’t get aggressive on me.


    1. What are you talking about? How am I ‘protecting’ him. He gave an interesting interview so thought I’d add a relevant part of it on the end. First time I heard of this guy was a few weeks ago when I saw a talk he did about insurance companies running the world which I also found quite entertaining especially the bit at the end where he likened himself to a prophet LOL
      THankyou for your write-up link I will have a good look at it tommorow. Looks very interesting. BTW I did see plandemic 1 and it was so godamm awful I never bothered to look at part 2 so missed his appearance. Don’t assume I believe everything someone says just because I include something they said in an article.


      1. Just read at least page 38 and 39 of that document, “WHO IS DAVID E. MARTIN?”

        Patent just does not prove anything else that someone has an idea and is trying to keep it in his own.

        If an idea is patented – It not has to be an actual existing or working physical or biochemical product.

        Anyone with $100 can file for a patent. I can go into my backyard with a hammer,
        nails and some lumber and claim that I invented a Time Machine and then apply
        for a patent for it. It means nothing. Just because I filled out a patent application for my Time Machine, does that
        mean my Time Machine exists, and works? No – it does not. It’s not required to be working product. You can patent almost any idea or plan. Example your special looking unicorn or eastern bunny. David doesn’t mention this obvious fact about applying for a patent. This is an obvious flaw in his argument.

        Notice how this David Martin subtly and sneakily drops some strange bits here Example how “it” was
        modified from a “bat cave in China.” He’s suggesting that the bioweapon was
        created from a previous coronavirus that was found “in a bat cave,” and turned
        into a bioweapon. That’s a psychological trick but “these aren’t the droids you’re
        looking for” only works on the weak-minded.
        David is engaging in fantasy and spinning for the conspiracy crowd – the ones
        who know that the official story is a lie. Those folks need to be herded and given
        another false story, which agrees, in part, with the official story. David provides the conspiracy candy. By getting us to buy into the idea of a virus, he is legitimizing Moderna and the rest of the vaccine poisoners, while at the same time conducting psychological warfare by altering reality. Because if the virus were created in a lab, what changes? Nothing. We still need the vaccines, right?

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      2. No need for disinfo agents when we can do it to ourselves and each other.

        NO ONE but will fail your standards.
        And WHY should anything YOU say have more claim to authority than anything he says?

        My take home from Martin is that the S-protein was designed to then construct virus definition as prequels for the protein to be injected, and tests to ‘prove such made up viruses are there’.

        I did not here him advocating vaccines. I have heard him deconstructing genetic theory as false, but he didn’t bring any of that up with Fuellmich. Why? Because he had a specific focus that he decided to share with regard to patent history, and documented statements by key actors in the ‘stakeholder cartel’.

        We all have blind spots but non establishment views may also see what normalised training cannot.
        Belief in the virus is deep set. If you make it your primary identifier you will be like a flat earther attacking globes instead of illuminating the devices and deceits of global monopolists.

        There may be a small traction in stating that everyone is lying to you, but that does not illuminate or share truth.


    1. It doesn’t make sense that he had so called proof which we cannot find the papers for and after he died his wife doesn’t release it…
      It’s one of those stories that uses death to make it real… Who knows why he died? But its still not proven besides his rambling videos.

      Anyway, no need for graphene razor blades to describe the bleeding and clotting.
      Moderna, pre COVID couldn’t use the tech for gene therapy because the lipid nanoparticles ended up causing issues with multiple doses… So they went into vaccines (and then pushed multiple shots).

      Btw there can be a bit of graphene in the shots, but it’s from the lubricant they put on the rubber in the syringe, because it helps with very low temperatures.

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      1. Whatever they reported as cause of death can be taken with a pinch of salt with all the reports of covid deaths. We know for a fact they have the technology to ‘target’ individuals with EMF’s. His girlfriend must be scared for her own life if she knows where those papers are. We may never et the truth about this in our lifetime?


      2. I just find a lot of these graphene claims to be flimsy at best. It’s almost like they want to spread a half truth so later on, it can be easily discredited.

        Same for the parasites and Bluetooth discussion. If it’s really there, there would be multiple reports.

        This guy supposedly evidence that he didn’t release or leak out. We’re supposed to take him on his word?

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  3. I know what you mean and I take a lot of things with a pinch of salt but try to look at everything, all possibilities. I don’t think those in charge are as intelligent as they think they are. I think they will try anything to see if it works and their efforts seem to be speeding up. Maybe they have tried graphene but the question is does it work? We have no real proof so it’s a wait and see scenario. I’m not ruling it out yet but I won’t say for sure until it is solidly proven.


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