First Childhood Death From Mystery Hepatitis In Ireland


I know I reported on this story last week but there was scant information and now they have ramped it up with their much beloved reporting of a death. Death creates fear like nothing else. I know because I felt it too back in the 80’s when they were doing a meningitis scare to sell their new meningitis jab. That was probably the closest I came to caving.

Reading through this news piece there are a few clues. Firstly –


Now what happened about 10 weeks ago I thought. Pretty obvious to me but for those who might not have put 2+2 together –

In the last article before this death there was no mention of covid jabs at all which is suspicious wouldn’t you say? As is always the case they will look at ANYTHING BUT their own drugs as a cause of sickness. How can they legitimately take that stance when it is officially, by their own admission, the leading cause of death today. Iatrogenesis. Look it up, it means ‘death by doctor’.

This time tho they DO mention the convid jabs. Maybe because people WERE putting 2+2 together and they needed to squash that thinking.

Most people reading that would be satisfied but not me. Firstly they are using word from the UK to rule out the jabs being the cause in IRELAND?? Not very scientific!!
Oh it can’t be the jabs coz Dr Knowitall from England told me so in the brown envelope I received last night, hahummmm.
Secondly the UK Knowitall stated that ‘in MOST cases’ the children had not received the vaccine. OK so if we take that as true (and I suspect it is not true) ‘most’ means more than half, like 51% so almost half COULD have been vaccinated and even then, if you remember, they were calling people with only one jab as opposed to two, unvaccinated during the adult vaccine drive. So I’d take that statement with two dollops of salt myself.

Yet again tho they are not giving us the age of the child, what ‘treatments’ they were given or the specific dead child’s vaccine status. HIGHLY SUSPICIOUS!!

So what is the general protocol treatment for acute hepatitis? Funny you should ask because it happens to be those lovely ‘anti-viral’ drugs again. These are the new cash cows for the pharma companies as the old ‘antibiotics’ are a) not working so good and
b) patents must be running out by now so no longer raking in the big bucks.
So if the jab doesn’t do enough damage to the liver the treatments certainly will.


This time tho we DO get a taste of the agenda behind this ‘mystery illness’ and it’s reporting around the world. It is to boost the sales of the CHILDHOOD COVID SHOTS! Obviously parents were being too hesitant this time and rightly so?

This line appeared on one article (microsoft news) but not the other (Irish Times) –


So there you have it. Give us one dead child and we will boost your sales to the moon to now terrified parents!!

Meanwhile the ‘experts’ will continue hunting around for a bogus scapegoat cause down at the biolabs where I’m sure they’ve got some artist working on a pretty picture of a ‘novel’ rhinovirus. Just remember they’ve always told us rhino-viruses (word means ‘nose virus’) were the cause of the common cold. You just can’t make this shit up I tell you.

One other thing worth noting here is the HepB jab which has been snuck into one of the multi-jabs given to children in Ireland (and UK) in the last few years. I have always been of the opinion that the two big cases in 2018 of two specific children dying (Charlie Gard 2017 and Alfie Evans 2018) were the results of a trial of the HepB shots in the UK.
They eventually claimed their deaths were due to a DNA disease which is a bit like the old dr’s diagnosis of ‘a virus’ but with even less proof. In other words utter bullshit but hey, at least it wasn’t the vaccines huh??!!


Notice the throwaway line that the jab is ‘also’ for babies of ‘infected’ mothers etc? Yes because that was all it was originally meant to be for. What infection?
And so we come full circle to the drive to get everyone HIV tested again. Dizzy yet?

Are you joining the dots yet??

There are NO VIRUSES attacking the liver. The liver’s function is to remove toxins from the body. The most common cause of liver failure is an overload of toxins or poisons the most obvious being alcohol. We all know this so how is it that they can’t see what is causing it in non-alcoholics? It’s pretty obvious to me. DRUGS including vaccines.

This quote from an ND says it all for me. Thanx to Lilla for pointing it out to me.

“When liver toxicity develops, then as long as sufficient vitality exists, the body will attempt remedial action in the form of liver inflammation, a condition that medical authorities refer to as Hepatitis. ( ‘Hep’ meaning liver, and ‘itis’ meaning inflammation). The purpose of inflammation is to reduce the liver’s toxicity level and to carry out healing and repair. What I am therefore saying is that Hepatitis is not the disease, but in fact, the cure. “–Ian Sinclair ND

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Independent researcher since 1985 into cancer, vaccines and more recently germ theory and virology. Anti-vivisectionist and animal rights campaigner. Artist and illustrator. Veganic/permaculture food producer.

5 thoughts on “First Childhood Death From Mystery Hepatitis In Ireland

  1. Nice one Tracey. They just never give up do they? My enduring hope from this scamdemic is that people will eventually realise that 99% of the medical advice we receive is totally wrong. The Big Pharma philosophy was, is and always will be , ” If it makes us pots of money it’s good. If it doesn’t, it’s bad.” Pretty simple eh? Man has survived millions of years without their fraudulent input and if we ever manage to stop the fluoridation of our water, the muckspreading in our skies, the engineering of our foods , the rantings of insane virologists and compulsory experimental jabs, we’ll survive a million more.


  2. “The most common cause of liver failure is an overload of toxins or poisons the most obvious being alcahol”

    Alcahol is not alcohol.

    Hey I drink like 4-5 liters of beer a day. And I smoke weed…and I use other things.

    “Medications” (including vaccines), toxified food, various other toxic factors, deficiencies, do *far* more damage than typical alcoholic beverages (which is why alcohol consumption is also often associated longevity…it’s very contextual), BUT, combining say, a pack of benzodiazepenes and a bottle whiskey is probably not a great idea.

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    1. Here’s an example (about circumstance or context)…

      “To better understand the association of alcohol intake with cognitively healthy longevity (CHL) we explored the association between amount and frequency of alcohol intake and CHL among 1,344 older community-dwelling adults. Alcohol intake was assessed by questionnaire in 1984–1987. Cognitive function was assessed in approximate four-year intervals between 1988 and 2009. Multinomial logistic regression, adjusting for multiple lifestyle and health factors, was used to examine the association between alcohol consumption and CHL (living to age 85 without cognitive impairment), survival to age 85 with cognitive impairment (MMSE score >1.5 standard deviations below expectation for age, sex and education), or death before age 85. Most participants (88%) reported some current alcohol intake; 49% reported a moderate amount of alcohol intake, and 48% reported drinking near-daily. Relative to nondrinkers, moderate and heavy drinkers (up to 3 drinks/day for women and for men 65 years and older, up to 4 drinks/day for men under 65 years) had significantly higher adjusted odds of survival to age 85 without cognitive impairment (P’s<0.05). Near-daily drinkers had 2–3 fold higher adjusted odds of CHL versus living to at least age 85 with cognitive impairment (odds ratio (OR)=2.06; 95% confidence interval (CI): 1.21, 3.49) or death before 85 (OR=3.24; 95% CI: 1.92, 5.46). Although excessive drinking has negative health consequences, these results suggest that regular, moderate drinking may play a role in cognitively healthy longevity."


    2. I only mentioned alcohol as it is generally well understood that alcoholics can and do end up with liver damage, to illustrate the general knowledge that toxin overload is causative of liver inflammation. It was purely for illustration and understanding to veer away from the virus excuse.


      1. I mean that’s fair enough…coz alcohol is common, though sometimes unfairly demonized (I mean rather a lot of the carbs, sugars, etc get turned into some forms of alcohol in your body, which is kinda ironic…). I was trying to say, alcohol is actually super useful but there’s ignorance of huge amounts of far worse shit causative in what’s called hepatitis.


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