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So last week I talked about the germ theory, how it was born and grew into the beast we are all supposed to live in fear of. I got some great feedback and just as I predicted the same question popped up, as it always does. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking anyone for asking because I’m pretty sure I asked the same thing myself.
WHAT ABOUT THE TIME WHEN WE ALL GOT CHICKENPOX/FLU/MEASLES. If it wasn’t germs or viruses what was it?
So if you take away the germ theory what is left? QUESTIONS. A gaping hole that needs answers. Now I can’t possibly speak to every case people will throw at me because there could be any number of reasons why people fall ill. They have to be looked at individually and personally. But- to simplify matters, and I always like to simplify we must stick to the rules we DO know are true.

  1. TOXEMIA is poisoning of any kind, it can be from pollution in the air and the water, even your food. It is drugs and especially vaccines. Poisoning is usually the main culprit being explained away with germ theory by claiming it’s a contagious disease. A scapegoat for big industries.
  2. MALNUTRITION. which does NOT mean starvation. Mal is french for BAD or WRONG. So eating the wrong diet basically. Being severely depleted in certain nutrients and remember all drugs (and poisons) deplete the body of nutrients as they get used up to deal with toxins. Particularly vitamin C it seems, which some claim might be a kind of chemical antidote or neutralizing agent which is why they have noticed it leaves the body so quickly. Remember that old Dr’s saying about expensive urine?
  3. INJURY. Physical or mental. Physical injury can be obvious, a cut or stab or a broken bone even bruises. It can also be hidden as in internal injuries which could be caused by number 1 again (Toxemia), say, by swallowing a corrosive chemical or drugs like chemo and antibiotics which kill and injure our cells. Mental injury can also cause dis-ease, stress and shock being obvious and well documented. Ever heard a story of someone dying of a broken heart? and the old voodoo trick doctors use by telling someone they only have weeks to live? If you believe what doctors say you will comply and die when you’ve been told to. I wonder how many post mortems would reveal this if it was done properly and independently? ALL drugs have what they call ‘side-effects’. These are also a kind of internal injury caused by poisoning which also depletes nutrients so a triple whammy.

Keeping these 3 things in mind and totally ignoring any germ theory nonsense we can go through all the big plagues and epidemics and look at them without tunnel vision. Lets look at them now in chronological order. I know it’s a bit ridiculous given the time scale and lack of definitive proof but this 1st one has to be done as it’s always brought up…


The Beubonic and Pneumonic plagues all seem to be lumped under the same umbrella….we are told roughly and varying numbers like 100-200 million died from it but to put it in perspective it started in China (again yes) and supposedly spread right across Europe the Middle East (and Africa eventually). This huge number is quoted even when they are only referring to the European plague. BUT if you check the small print it was NOT one disease, it was many different diseases lumped under the same heading AND it covered 400 years. Some people have looked into the few written witness statements of the times and from them we get all manner of weird and wonderful stories. From aliens and spaceships, to bombs and flying fireballs in the skies to earthquakes, men in black and putrid smelling mists and fogs which killed crops and animals, not just people. Look into it and all you will find is medievil conspiracy stories.
These earlier stories all seem to refer to Pneumonic symptoms meaning pneumonia’s and breathing problems and from all the old writings, if we take them at face value, were caused by sprayed poisons but by who or what we won’t go there.
The Beubonic symptoms were completely different and were more like mumps and general swollen glands which points to more of an injested poisoning rather than breathed in. The rat fleas story which was jumped on later, has already been debunked and is not a contagious story anyway if it supposedly came from flea bites that is not a contagion. But it didn’t come from rat fleas anyway according to modern computer models it couldn’t have caused the disease to spread the way it appeared to.
The Beubonic version was said to follow the trade route called The Silk Road so we have rats and travelling tradesmen from China and Asia. What were they trading? China was already using the first version of vaccinations (variolation) which involved blowing powdered smallpox scabs (along with poisons no doubt), up the nose and was said to be ‘crude and often fatal’. Yes I said smallpox scabs. Smallpox was an Asian disease at this time and hadn’t hit Europe yet. Could they have been exporting this variolation practise and powders AND hence the appearance of a spreading disease? Seeing as it was picked up in Turkey years later by an English ambassador Lady Mary Montagu I would say it’s highly likely. By then it had morphed into “innoculation” by scratching the stuff into cuts instead of blowing it up the nose.
What other weird and wonderful {cough} dangerous herbal or chemical concoctions were being sold on the trade routes as medisins?
There was even a massive conspiracy theory in Europe that the Jews were poisoning wells to take over villages and small towns which resulted in the persecution and murder of Jews for years to come, there is even written evidence of a court case at the time of one particular Jewish merchant who claimed he was paid to do it. I’m not saying this was true but it has to be mentioned as it caused a lot of deaths and Hoohaa too at the time.
Nothing in any of the witness stories points to contagion tho unless you are deaf dumb and blind to all the poisons being traded across the world PLUS trying to find any coherant evidence and accurate dates and places is impossible. To summarize- This was a lot of different diseases with varying causes spanning even more than 400 yrs as I just spotted another book claiming the 1st case was in Constantinople in the year 592!! Basically we shouldn’t even go there, it’s all nonsense and we’re supposed to be talking science here. But interesting to note the earliest vaccines were already spreading the globe….


WAS a contagious disease which killed many people over the years but sailors exposed it’s real cause eventually. In the 1500’s a french explorer accidentally cured his men of the scurvy with boiled pine leaves. They had no idea about vitamin C at the time but pine needles are full of it. So the lack of vitamin C or fresh fruit was not officially recognized at all. It was left until the 19thC when “British naval commander James Lind pioneered a program for making citrus foods available in all sea voyages. He also composed a book which described miracle cures encountered with the use of lemon juice. However, he was ignored for his advice, which seemed loaded with speculations.” It wasn’t until Captain Cook decided to try the limey cure 62 years later that the case was settled. If you look for symptoms of scurvy the list is long and very varied and there are pictures of rashes which look much like some kind of pox disease and lots of pics of rotten teeth. Just looking at them makes me want to reach for the fruit bowl. Scurvy is an easy one, malnutrition and eventually toxaemia from not being able to detox thru lack of the right acids and not contagion at all and it only took them 200 years to work that one out. You can still see scurvy today, it’s all around us, just look at all the poeple who don’t eat their fruit. There’s even an urban myth now that eating fruit rots your teeth, people are ridiculous sometimes.


Is always linked to the industrial revolution. It affected mostly city dwellers and industrial towns. Pollution was rife, the air was contaminated with all manner of poisonous gases and chemicals which also rained down on people like acid rain. There is no doubt in my mind this was an occupational disease caused by exposure to the noxious chemicals used in all the growing industries. Not only was it raining down from all the factory chimneys but workers were coming home covered in God knows what and getting into bed with their wives and children who all lived in squalor. Children were also put to work in the factories from a young age. You can read all about the many diseases and symptoms caused by industry in a book called “Diseases of occupation and vocational hygiene” online, I’ll put the link below.
It was noted at the time by Jenner (the father of vaccination) that milkmaids did not get smallpox because they’d had cowpox. I’ve heard theories online that it was because they drank milk but everyone else drank milk too tho it had formaldehyde added to it for the townies to hide the sour taste as it went off. So it was more likely because they lived in the countryside where they had fresh air and fresh food. Food in cities and towns was not so fresh or cheap but often putrid. Few could afford the good stuff.
Treatments for smallpox were also of course extremely toxic, yes they smothered you in toxic/caustic chemicals to ‘kill the bugs’. Similar was applied to bedding to kill bedbugs which they thought was causing it too, did they mistake flea bites for smallpox? Probably in some cases. Edward Jenner (a freemason) invented the 1st vaccine for smallpox basing his theory on the variolation technique imported from Turkey and his milkmaid cowpox theory. (The milkmaid story turned out to be a myth too, just a milkmaids tale pure hearsay). Eleanore McBean pointed out in the 50’s in her book The Poisoned Needle that cowpox is actually bovine syphilis. Jenner was injecting pus from cow syphilis sores into people to prevent them getting smallpox, and doctors with brains believe this crap.
Smallpox took off big time once the vaccines started rolling out and rates sky-rocketed. More people died after vaccines than did before them.
– In 1871-2, England, with 98% of the population aged between 2 and 50 vaccinated against smallpox, experienced its worst ever smallpox outbreak with 45,000 deaths. During the same period in Germany, with a vaccination rate of 96%, there were over 125,000 deaths from smallpox.
The Leicester Experiment proved it was the vaccines causing deaths after they quarantined themselves (yes the whole city) and refused the mandatory vaccine. They had the lowest smallpox case and death rate in the whole of England. A similar experiment was done in America with same results.
Smallpox was never ‘eradicated’ if we look at it from a symptomology perspective, chickenpox, monkey pox, any pox, measles, hives and any skin based detox can be lumped in as the pox just varying degrees of severity. If we apply the 3 rules and ignore germ theory smallpox is poisoning of the skin (possibly misdiagnosis too) but also would have to include malnutrition, internal poisoning from poisons in food and water and then there was also the stress of awful living conditions even bed bugs were implicated.

Addendum: One question that frequently comes up is the old story of giving ‘infected blankets’ to the Native Americans to kill them. This story is a cover-up for the real killer which was again allopathic medicine and their vaccines. The proof is in plain sight as always. They vaccinated them. They got sick from the poisoning and died.

Read between the lines….”vaccinating them would make it easier to” get rid of them.

Another thing which Jim West pointed out to me on another article is this little nugget-
“Alternative view: Smallpox is likely arsenic poisoning (symptoms are same) and the vax/Indian stories are a coverup. Smallpox was everywhere that European trappers or solders ventured. They all carried arsenic trioxide for tanning or perhaps hidden upstream warfare.”
Well well……


Just like smallpox TB was rife especially amongst industrial workers and towns where air pollution was extremely toxic. There was even talk amongst doctors of an ‘immunity’ to the gases in workers exposed to them for long periods. Could that be the body giving up trying to detox as the mortality rate was still high despite no symptoms.
TB was also strongly linked to the Smallpox vaccine the excuse being some of the vaccines were ‘contaminated’ with TB by accident. That was obviously a red herring.
– In the 1970’s a tuberculosis vaccine trial in India involving 260,000 people revealed that more cases of TB occurred in the vaccinated than the unvaccinated. (The Lancet 12/1/80 p73)
TB is also still linked today with rough living conditions and is rife among dairy cows but instead of blaming the stressful and over medicated AND vaccinated life of dairy cows the germ theory protagonists like to blame the poor and innocent badgers for the sickness just because, like germs, they are in the vicinity.
TB has always been a general chronic running down of the body which is why it is seen nowadays in the homeless who are often (but not always) addicts to one drug or another.
It’s believed to be caused by a bacteria called Tuberculin but in the late 1800’s Mr Koch found to his dismay that the bacteria was rife in healthy people and not always there in sick people so could not be the cause yet they still blame it to this day.
With no proof it is contagious it has to be a lifestyle disease again with multiple causes all 3 in fact, malnutrition, poisoning and stress.


This disease did not spread outwards in all directions like a contagious disease should, it popped up almost simultaneously in several army barracks amongst soldiers. Coincidentally in preparation for WW1, a massive military vaccination experiment involving numerous prior developed vaccines took place in Fort Riley, Kansas- where the first “Spanish Flu” case was reported.

One of the startling things they said about the disease was how it seemed to knock the young and fit the hardest. Like soldiers? And that it would be fast, like one day fit and healthy the next day dead. Sort of like as if they’d been poisoned!! The fledgling pharmaceutical industry, sponsored by the ‘Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research’, had something they never had before – a large supply of human test subjects. Supplied by the U.S. military’s first draft, the test pool of subjects ballooned to over 6 million men.
From January 21 – June 4, 1918, an experimental bacterial meningitis vaccine cultured in horses by the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research in New York was injected into soldiers at Fort Riley. They had around 6 MILLION soldiers to experiment on. WW1 U.S. soldiers were given 14 – 25 untested, experimental vaccines within days of each other, which triggered intensified cases of ALL the diseases at once. They decided to reclassify this as a new disease (Spanish Flu)
How did all the people at home start dying when the soldiers came home if it wasn’t contagious? Answer- Well they didn’t want them to catch it so they vaccinated them too. An American called Eleanor McBean who’s parents were doctors at the time wrote that “only the vaccinated died”. Her unvaccinated parents caught nothing from the sick people they treated.
Another culprit seems to be the newly invented wonderdrug ASPIRIN. People were given doses as high as 400 times the lethal dose we use today as soon as they showed symptoms. There was of course hysteria going on in the UK surrounding the news of deaths from a new contagious disease plus soldiers already suffering post traumatic stress were committing suicide and even murder in their madness, even this madness was blamed on the flu, not the war. Treatments in UK were ridiculous too. Found this interesting snippet on a BBC article-

Err viruses hadn’t been invented yet luv

“Autopsies after the war proved that the 1918 flu was NOT a “FLU” at all. It was caused by random dosages of an experimental ‘bacterial meningitis vaccine’, which to this day, mimics flu-like symptoms. The massive, multiple assaults with additional vaccines on the unprepared immune systems of soldiers and civilians created a “killing field”. Those that were not vaccinated were not affected.”
So yet again it seems vaccines and drugs were the cause of this ‘plague’ maybe add in a splash of injury and stress too from the war.


The provaxxers favourite poster plague and the easiest to debunk. Cropped up around orchards which had been sprayed with arsenic as a pesticide to kill bugs which might spoil the apples. The same thing happened when a new colour (Paris Green) became the rage and was added to paints and wallpapers with the secret ingredient Arsenic.
Originally polio was classified as any paralysis of parts of the body. Nurse/Sister Kenny demonstrated to doctors and the world that it wasn’t necessarily a paralysis at all but a muscle spasm and treated it with massage and heat packs successfully. She was ignored of course. They didn’t want that sort of cure.
Symptoms called polio always followed pesticide use. DDT was the next big one after they banned the old arsenic. It was hailed as a cure-all and sprayed freely on children and public spaces like swimming baths. We’ve all heard the tales of kids ‘catching polio’ after visiting the pool but no-one put 2 and 2 together, or maybe they did coz hey, money to be made. So along came the vaccines which first off killed more kids than the swimming pools did. Look up THE CUTTER INCIDENT. Then another vaccine with at the same time a NEW DEFINITION OF POLIO.

Because people were still getting the same symptoms which couldn’t possibly BE polio after vaccination they decided to say they had meningitis instead. When I first heard this I had to find proof and went to look at the old CDC stats and sure enough the year of the salk vaccine the numbers for meningitis and polio swap over exactly. Saw it with my own eyes. No doubt it’s gone now from the web but there is still evidence of these stat swaps Thanks to the WAYBACK MACHINE.
Cases of polio were more often reported as aseptic meningitis after the vaccine was introduced, skewing efficacy rates. Source: The Los Angeles County Health Index: Morbidity and Mortality, Reportable Diseases.
Figure 5 Polio

– In 1977, Dr Jonas Salk who developed the first polio vaccine, testified along with other scientists, that mass inoculation against polio was the cause of most polio cases throughout the USA since 1961.
So ignoring the unproven contagious notion it’s safe to say polio is a poisoning specifically of the nervous system caused by nerve poisons which coincidentally are also an ingredient in most vaccines. Polio was never eradicated as many after effects of vaccines are the same thing given a new name. They even made vaccines for the new names for the same disease. Like MeningitisB and now the MenACWY. Clever eh!
Some of the new polio names include- Guillaine Barre, MS, ME, Meningitis (all forms), ALS, Transverse Myelitis, Bells Palsy, non-paralytic polio, etc etc. ANY vaccine can cause polio-like symptoms which they will never call polio.


You could say this one plandemic was the one which started us all questioning the existance of all viruses because there were ructions going on in the science world over who had discovered the HI virus or even if they had at all. It also turned the immune theory on it’s head which should have been a mistake that exposed all their theories by stating that the presence of antibodies meant you HAD HIV not that you were IMMUNE to it. The disease it’s meant to cause (AIDS) was first seen in the gay community of Los Angeles where the men were presenting to doctors with sick livers (hepatitis) from all the alcahol and drugs they took. Doctors then added antibiotics to the mix for the perceived STD’s but the real stinger came when they tested out a new vaccine for Hepatitis B on the community.

After the vaccine their whole bodies seemed to shut down which they claimed was an immune system shut down so called it AIDS. “Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome” Where was it ‘acquired’ from? Couldn’t possibly be the new vaccine on trial could it? nooooo. Where did they follow up those trials and where did AIDS next reappear? Yeh Africa. Big pharma’s favourite playground full of human guinea pigs. What do they use to test if you have HIV? The PCR test. Just like now with covaids it can find any genetic sequence they want to find in anyone at anytime if they do enough cycles. Even it’s inventor was screaming from the hilltops that this was scientific fraud. So what happens if you get a positive test for HIV AND you are gay? They prescribe a failed chemo drug AZT (killed too many cancer patients) and voila, you have a new victim who’s whole body shuts down from systemic poisoning. AIDS is death by poisoning. The HI virus does not exist, it was never isolated, Gallo lied. Fauci was also involved in that scam.
Interestingly – In 1990, a UK survey involving 598 doctors revealed that over 50% of them refused to have the Hepatitis B vaccine despite belonging to the high risk group urged to be vaccinated. (British Med Jnl, 27/1/1990)

One big change that came with the AIDS scare was the hyping of condoms laced with chemical spermicides (another pesticide) which I personally suspect caused another manufactured and over diagnosed epidemic called cervical cancer, which they’ve also managed to invent a new scapegoat virus for (HPV sounds a lot like HIV) AND a new vaccine. Wow the money train just keeps rolling on down the track…….


The so-called novel disease was first reported in China (just like the very 1st plague we talked about). It caused breathing difficulties in Wuhan the most polluted city in the world for which everyone wore masks already. Phew good to know those masks really worked huh! No covid virus to date has been isolated, classified and put through Kochs Postulates. No virus. So what is killing people, is the question everyone asks at this point. It’s pretty obvious what killed the original victims but there’s another ingredient which no-one mentioned except one financial news website. I made an article on that called “Something You Should Know”. Link below. China had also just vaccinated it’s population with a new experimental SARS vaccine. Yup you heard that right. Another cover-up for the vaccines? Seeing a pattern yet? Next stop was Italy also in an area where they’d just mandated a new vaccine for the old folks PLUS the usual flu vaccine. Then it seemed to jump to New York where for the past year they have been mandating vaccines too. Again all these cities were highly polluted areas not only with your usual pollution but now the EMF pollution was being pushed to new heights with test roll-outs of 5G. All the big headline areas have these 3 things in common. No telling which of the 3 is the scapegoat for which of the other 3 it’s all just a mass confusion and no-one is looking at anything because it’s been decided it’s a virus. After the 3 main cities reported this novel illness it probably might have fizzled out so they just added lists of more and more symptoms which they claimed were all covid so transferring anyone with a sniff or a cough into the covid bracket along with those PCR tests set to give out mostly positive results, until BINGO they have manufactured a pandemic. What’s the only thing that can stop this now? Another bloody vaccine of course. This story is getting so tediously predictable now.

I gave you a snippet from the experiments done to PROVE contagion last week. After every one of them failed to show any disease being passed person to person no more have been done since 1940. Not one person caught anything. Here’s another 2 snippets-just to hammer it home some more…..

In 1937 Burnet & Lush conducted an experiment exposing 200 healthy people to bodily secretions from people infected with influenza. 0/200 became sick.
In 1940, Burnet and Foley tried to experimentally infect 15 university students with influenza. The authors concluded their experiment was a failure.

True causes will never be investigated as long as everything is focussed on this notion of flying viruses and contagion. We can never get to the bottom of it if we don’t investigate toxic chemicals and drugs but the science of toxicology has been completely side-lined by virology. No-one will go there, it’s almost like it’s got some deadly contagious disease. A disease called truth maybe. Now we’re faced with a new kind of pollution to contend with which no-one is even allowed to point at for fear of being banned from the internet. EMF’s. Electro magnetic frequencies. With that we are entering the realms of physics and other sciences which I am not as read up on yet. I can recommend the Book THE INVISIBLE RAINBOW tho. EMF’s have also been implicated in the Spanish Flu as it was when radio was 1st used, but I think we have enough evidence from then we don’t need to rake up more it’s just another puzzle piece to keep an eye on.
I’ve written several articles on some of the diseases we’ve talked about here which all link to this contagion topic so links for further reading will be below this podcast for more information and sources if you want to dig deeper. Just try to keep the only 3 reasons in your mind while thinking about specific illnesses (Toxins, malnutrition and physical or mental injury) and you can’t go wrong. If the mainstream are all pointing us in one direction you know there is something behind their backs they don’t want you to see.

I hope what I’ve told you here will help to get rid of the fear of contagion and steer you towards the real villains in this story, the poison creators who are careful not to take their own medicines, the liars and deceivers who run the world and the media who sell us the lies and poisons. We are not contagious vectors, there is no such thing as an ‘asymptomatic carrier’. You cannot catch disease just like you cannot catch health. A fear which prevents you from living could actually be the death of you if you carry on believing this nonsense so go hug someone and lets get back to living instead of just surviving.

Further reading:
Diseases of occupation and vocational hygiene-
UPDATE: 29/11/2021 My friend Dawn Lester just wrote an excellent article which will fill in any holes I’ve left here:

Other Sources:
A deeper dive into The Black Death – free book

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13 thoughts on “Contagion- Fact Checked

  1. Really eye opening and useful. Thank you for sharing this – I’ll share the link with my WhatsApp group that we set up to question the Plandemic. I got your link from Rouge Male, this is getting out there 👍


  2. Love your scribblings. You cover all the bases quite well.

    I only just found your blog today. Which demonstrates the lengths the search engines are going to suppress valuable insights and truthful information. In a quick search for “contagion unproven”, most results are about the PsyOp pre-programming movie from 2011. Where does that contagious, fictional, deadly virus emanate from? China. What a surprise.

    If only people understood what the real cause of their illnesses are, they could take care of themselves and their health and stop participating in the global fearmongering fraud and the toxic allopathic system.

    But anyone suggesting germ theory is wrong is labeled as anti-science or anti-vax. The controlled opposition have done such a fabulous job of convincing the masses, that contagion and viruses are real, we just need “safe vaccines” (an obvious oxymoron) that most find it impossible to change their thought paradigm to incorporate understanding illness from the perspective of toxicity and nutritional deficiencies.

    Seeing our bodies not as fighting off invisible microbes, but detoxifying through the lymphatic system, constantly.

    We appear to be approaching a two-tiered society where the unjabbed will be declared a contagious menace and denied rights, freedom of movement, their livelihoods and possibly their lives.

    Thanks for your contribution to unraveling the truth.


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